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We are proud to be an approved CPD Accreditation Training Provider!
CPD Accreditation

This means we meet professional standards and you can be assured that our training will meet your professional training needs.

We offer specialised training on disordered parenting and in particular parental alienation.  Courses can be taken individually but for the most thorough understanding, it is best to undertake the full range.

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Parental alienation is starting to become more recognised and recently even hit the front pages of the national press (The Guardian) therefore it is important that your staff are fully trained in recognising not only the signs of parental alienation but also the reasons it happens.

NAPARRC was set up by Sarah Squires following a personal experience with a narcissistic alienator.  Despite her professional experience as a child protection social worker, Sarah had never heard of this phenomena and so set about educating herself in order to better understand her own situation.  It also highlighted a lack of training for front line workers on disordered parenting which massively impact the lives of children they are in place to protect.

Out of this research, grew a strong desire to help others.  So she joined forces with solicitors, psychologists, safeguarding officers and counsellors to better understand narcissistic abuse and parental alienation.

Sarah is committed to building an army of professionals to tackle this devastating abuse and therefore NAPARRC was born.

parental alienation specialist

What our clients say
Sarah Quezada

Thoroughly enjoyed the course with Sarah Squires who is a great trainer. This subject is so relevant to a counsellors role and other roles working with children. It also shows the impact on adult clients. Well worth doing this course

Lisa Thompson

Really enjoyed everything about this course - so informative and has had a positive impact on my counselling practice giving me insight into issues clients may bring

Anne Walker

Very well delivered. Leaves you wanting to know more. All information received over 2 courses has helped me in my practice.